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students posing for pictures at the red carpet
May 8, 2017

Cameras flash as well-dressed students walk across a red carpet and pose for photos in front of a decorated backdrop. The auditorium has been transformed from a classroom into a classy theater with gold and black balloons and small electric candles lighting the aisles to the stage, where a table...

students editing in class
April 17, 2017

With the massive shift in the communications industry over the past decade, media-savvy Communications Studies students at Sonoma State University are adapting to the new digital broadcast landscape by producing content exclusively for the internet.

About 35 students produce news stories...

cannes student filmmakers group shot
January 5, 2016

One year after strolling the red carpet with Hollywood's biggest stars, a pair of Sonoma State University filmmakers have been invited to screen two more films at the world's most prestigious film festival this year.

Student filmmaker Mary-Madison Baldo is understandably excited about...

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