faces of ssu

JaQuay Butler under her faces of ssu sign
July 7, 2015

The 26 student leaders representing the Faces of SSU campaign at Sonoma State University want you to know something: "We are more than what you see."

The goal of Faces of SSU is to raise diversity awareness on campus. That includes diversity of ethnicity, gender and experiences. "Not...

faces of ssu
April 6, 2017

Some are the first in their whole family to go to college; some are undocumented immigrants; one is a young mother raising a toddler; all are student leaders focused on their educational careers and setting themselves up for success. A diverse group of 27 talented, motivated and involved...

faces of ssu poster
April 7, 2016

Twenty-five diverse student leaders at Sonoma State University have been selected to be part of the annual "Faces of SSU" campaign. Each student shares his or her own story about their life, campus involvement, and challenging and positive moments they have encountered at Sonoma State University...

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