Faces of SSU for 2023 revealed

The 22 students, alumni, faculty and staff who will serve as the 2023 Faces of Faces have been revealed.
April 18, 2023
Composite of all Faces of SSU 2023

The Faces of SSU recognizes members of the Sonoma State University community and shares their stories and involvements. For the 12th anniversary of the campaign, 22 students, alumni, faculty and staff were chosen to showcase their experiences at Sonoma State, to be featured on various media platforms on campus. Originally a student-focused program, Faces of SSU welcomed alumni last year and added faces of faculty and staff this year. 

The 2023-24 Faces of SSU reflect the diversity and accomplishments of the university community. They have taken an active role in upholding the Seawolf Commitment, truly embracing integrity, excellence, respect and responsibility in their day-to-day interactions with fellow Seawolves.

“When students are walking across campus, or are reading about our Seawolves, and they see someone who looks like them, comes from the same area, or is studying the same discipline, they know they can find a home here at SSU. We are more than just a beautiful campus, or amazing residence halls. Sonoma State is a feeling. Many students have said when they came to campus, they felt an immediate sense of belonging, and that’s because of the people on those banners, because of the people who have been Faces before them, and because of the Faces yet to come,” said program director Mo Phillip.

Additionally, all the Faces of SSU honorees are actively involved on campus, where each individual has served a role in the development of the University’s overall campus climate. Some programs that they have been involved in are Associated Students, Join Us Making Progress, residential advisor, Residential Hall Association, HUB Cultural Center, peer mentor, fraternity and sorority life, SSU Club Sports, to name a few.

The alumni shared how their experiences at Sonoma State have helped them excel in their careers. The inclusion of staff and faculty members demonstrates that all members of the University community embody the spirit of SSU’s mission throughout the many aspects of their work. 

"Our mission of highlighting the remarkable accomplishments of Seawolves goes beyond one’s college years and now recognizes the entire community’s vital role in creating and maintaining the Seawolf spirit," Phillip said.

Faces of SSU began in 2012, with the vision that the SSU community would begin more conversations with each other and share their own experiences. Through these conversations and experiences, "our Seawolves would then begin to realize that while we all come to this space from a variety of experiences, backgrounds and home bases, we are interconnected through SSU," said Phillip. "We are all so much more than just faces in a crowd. We are Seawolves."

Faces of SSU were nominated by members of the campus community and selected by a group including staff, faculty, students, the Alumni Association, Chair of the Faculty and Human Resources. To be qualified, nominees had to meet certain criteria, including being actively involved in an organization or department on campus, and being willing to share their stories and have them on display for other Seawolves to see. More than 150 nominations were received this year.

The banners featuring the Faces of SSU will be on display throughout campus for the next year. Poster boards will be on display in the Student Center and the University Library.

Faces of SSU is sponsored by Student Involvement and Entrepreneurial Activities Marketing. For additional information, visit the website Faces of SSU.