Regional Incidents and Campus Information

Temporary Closure of Stevenson Hall

Sept. 14, 2020

We apologize for the short notice, however, in order to ensure a safe working environment for staff, faculty, and contractors who are working to prepare Stevenson Hall for the remodel, the building will be closed Tuesday, Sept. 15 and Wednesday, Sept. 16. During this time, Environmental Health & Safety will work with vendors to take necessary measures to ensure maintenance, health, and safety.

Faculty or staff who were scheduled for short-term visits to Stevenson Hall this Tuesday or Wednesday will be contacted for rescheduling. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Air Quality on Campus

Sept. 11, 2020

Due to poor air quality on campus, all non-essential on-campus activities, including in-person instruction, are suspended for Friday, Sept. 11. Non-essential employees working on campus are to leave, and, if possible, work from home. In-person instruction may be switched to remote delivery or cancelled. Please contact your instructor for more information.

If you are working remotely, and conditions related to the air quality are affecting your ability to work, please notify your manager.

Residential students are encouraged to remain indoors with doors and windows closed while the air quality is poor.

For any incident related questions or concerns please email    

We will continue to monitor conditions, and we anticipate updating the campus as we get more information. 

SSU Wildfire Evacuee Shelter at SSU

Aug. 22, 2020

Our hearts go out to the people in our region and from our Sonoma State community whose homes are being threatened by fire and who have been or are being evacuated. The county is managing the assignment of shelters. If you need immediate shelter information, please call 211 or go to the Sonoma County Emergency Evacuation Assistance website

Evacuees can also find information about shelter sites at the centralized, staffed, Temporary Evacuation Point at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds, 1350 Bennett Valley Road, Santa Rosa. Staff there will direct evacuees to the appropriate shelter for their situation, including RV parking, hotels and motels and places to stay, with or without small pets. Staff can also recommend other community resources that can be helpful during the evacuation.

The California Office of Emergency Services has asked Sonoma State University to establish a community shelter to house up to 200 individuals evacuated from wildfires. The shelter will be in our Residential Community of Cabernet and will be managed by Sonoma County Emergency Management in coordination with the Red Cross. We are proud to provide assistance to the California Office of Emergency Services and the North Bay community during this difficult time.  

The safety of the SSU community is of the utmost importance. We are working closely with the shelter managers to ensure that COVID screening and management protocols are in place. All shelter residents will be required to abide by all CDC, state, county, and campus guidelines to ensure safety during the pandemic.

We have students on campus and we remain vigilant and committed to keeping them safe during this time of disaster in Sonoma County, SSU’s service area, and beyond.


How many units in Cabernet will be allocated to the shelter? Up to 200 units. 

If I am evacuated, can I stay at Sonoma State? The county is deploying the bedspace Sonoma State has for evacuees, so we are not able to assign those spaces specifically to members of our community. If you need assistance finding shelter, please contact the county by calling 211 or going to the Temporary Evacuation Point at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds, 1350 Bennett Valley Road, Santa Rosa. You will find more information about evacuation assistance at the Sonoma County Emergency Evacuation Assistance website.

When are evacuees expected to arrive on campus? We got notice today, Aug. 22, that they will start to direct evacuees to campus today.

What compensation will the university receive in exchange? We are being reimbursed for any expenses we incur as determined by the number of units used, other expenses, and any maintenance costs borne by SSU after the evacuees have left. 

Is the agreement open-ended, or is there a set end date? The agreement is open-ended for now, given the dynamic situation our community faces.  

Power Outages

Fall 2020 is underway and we appreciate our campus community adjusting to a remote learning environment. As we work virtually, preparation for possible regional power outages becomes especially important. Please see the helpful information below so that you can be well prepared.

Stay safe.

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