mental health

Julie Rudy and Carrie Cheadle
March 22, 2017

Sonoma State University's Athletics Department has received a nearly $25,000 grant from the NCAA to create a program providing mental health support for injured athletes.

The internet-based intervention program is being created by Julie Rudy, head athletic trainer for the...

Mental Health Awareness Ribbon
November 13, 2016

Mental Health is an issue that not everyone thinks about throughout their day. Sonoma State University keeps that in mind and is bringing Mental Health Awareness to campus with events, presentations and activities on Nov. 15-17. 

The Mental Health Promotion Fair kicks off the week...

Francisco Vazquez with members of Latino Service Providers
December 14, 2016

Latino Service Providers has received a $1 million grant to explore how Latino cultural practices promote mental and behavioral health. As part of the grant, Sonoma State University faculty and students will work with the organization and other agencies to recruit and train high school students...

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