What Path to Prosperity?

Panel Discusses Presidential Challenges
February 13, 2012

Sonoma State University's Political Science and Economics Departments are partnering to shed light on both the economic issues and the political challenges faced by the US in this election at a panel discussion at 6 pm. on Thursday, Feb. 16 in Darwin 103.

Dr. Robert Eyler, an economics professor and Frank Howard Allen Realtors Research Fellow at SSU, will direct questions to a group of four panelists about the domestic and international economic issues the next president of the United States will face. Eyler will encourage the speakers to talk about both sides of the political aisle.

The panel includes:

David McCuan, Professor, Political Science, SSU
Catherine Nelson, Professor, Political Science, SSU
Michael Visser, Associate Professor, Economics, SSU
Christopher Irvin, EcoIrvin Investments, Petaluma, and Adjunct Professor EMBA, SSU

Eyler says, "No matter who gets into the White House, we have some serious challenges with the economy in the short to medium term. Politics need to become more bi-partisan to solve these problems."

"As we enter the election period students would do well to keep in mind that campaigns are about contrast," notes Dr. David McCuan, an expert in American Politics and International Relations. 

"Rule No. 1 is that elections are about differences... What will rule the day are ads, speeches, and rhetoric which attack and rarely inform. It is incumbent on all voters therefore to cut through that clutter."

McCuan explains that "As we move closer to November, the contests up and down the ballot will be highly charged and often negative." The goal of the evening is to help students' understand the complexities of our current economic and political situation while providing them with the information needed to make an informed and unbiased decision come November.