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Sonoma State Professor Releases Book on Sustainable Wine Business
October 6, 2015
armand gilinsky

Sonoma State University Korbel Professor in Wine Business Armand Gilinsky, Jr. has published a new book exploring sustainable practices in the wine industry. "Crafting Sustainable Wine Businesses: Concepts and Cases" focuses on methods used by organizations inside and outside the wine industry to set and measure business sustainability standards. The book includes New and Old World case studies, including from contributors at universities in Spain and New Zealand.

It was written as part of ongoing research within the Wine Business Institute. "The number one priority of sustainable wine businesses around the world is to leave the land in better shape for the next generation, not simply to extract the largest amount of money possible," says Gilinsky. "This book is a practical resource for practitioners and academics who want to learn how a triple bottom line of social, environmental and financial stewardship can lead to long-term business success for wine businesses and every business."

Gilinsky has taught at SSU since 1998 and has authored more than 40 business case studies and articles on wine business strategy, entrepreneurial strategy, and socially responsible entrepreneurship.

"Dr. Gilinsky unearths crucial wine business truths in this research, most importantly, revealing metrics for wine businesses seeking a strategy based on sustainability," says Damien Wilson, Hamel Family Chair in Wine Business. "In this book, successful wine industry practitioners distinguish between growth and profitability, while minimizing harmful environmental and social impacts of the supply chain, operations, products, and services."

Prior to his arrival at SSU, Gilinsky taught at Harvard Business School, CSU East Bay and Northeastern University, and has lectured at the University of Florence and the University of Macerata in Italy. Earlier this year, he founded the Wine Business Case Research Journal, a semi-annual publication of cases in the global wine business context.

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