Student Activist Honored by ACLU

Senior Sandy Espino-Valenciano to Receive Mario Savio Student Activist Award
April 23, 2015
Sandy Espino-Valenciano

The Sonoma County chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union has selected Sonoma State University senior Sandy Espino-Valenciano to receive the Mario Savio Student Activist Award. 

Espino-Valenciano, a psychology major at Sonoma State, is a volunteer and consultant with the North Bay Immigrant Youth Union where she has advocated for the implementation of the Trust Act and Assembly Bill 60, which requires driver's licenses to be issued to undocumented individuals in California. She has also led community forums as resources for immigrants applying for driver's licenses. 

"I felt the need to become involved with the undocumented community after the struggle I went though when I tried to attend college," said Espino-Valenciano. "I told myself I would do everything it takes to help as many people not go through what I went through. "

Espino-Valenciano organized a leadership conference at Sonoma State for undocumented youth and worked to promote the Heath4All campaign to encourage health insurance for the undocumented community. 

"Once I became involved, I was exposed to the bigger needs of our community," she said.

The awards reception will be held at the Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa at noon on May 3 with civil rights attorney John L. Burris of Oakland as the keynote speaker.