Seawolves Shine in NASA Competitions

June 7, 2024

Lunabotics team at National Lunabotics Challenge

Seawolves team with prototype

Seawolf team Brian Gomez Jimenez and Flor Luna

Lunabotics team

Lunabotics team tests lunar vehicle in sand before competition

Seawolves team with prototype
Lunabotics team

SSU Robotics Team selected to compete at national NASA Lunabotics Challenge
Congratulations to the SSU NASA Robotics team, who qualified for the national, onsite Lunabotics Challenge hosted by NASA that started May 10 and ended May 17 at Kennedy Space Center. Under the direction of SSU’s Dr. Nansong Wu, the SSU team was ranked 17 in construction from among the 43 teams selected from across the country to participate. For the challenge, the group designed, built, and tested lunar excavation robots following NASA's engineering standards.

Award-winning NASA Minds
Congratulations to two SSU electrical engineering student teams that were Grand Award second- and third-place winners of the national NASA MINDS competition in the Championship Design, Build, and Demonstration category.

A hands-on design-and-build collegiate learning experience, NASA MINDS is a multi-semester undergraduate-level challenge that provides funds to student and faculty teams from Minority Serving Institutions to design and build prototypes for technologies needed in support of NASA’s Artemis mission. 

The Seawolf team of Flor Luna and Brian Gomez Jimenez designed an Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vehicle System that was awarded second place. The Flying Seawolves team of Jonathan Perez, Manuel Vazquez, and Pablo Orozco earned third place for their FPGA-Based Gesture Control System for Quadcopter.

“Congratulations to these outstanding SSU students for their remarkable achievements. Their dedication and innovative spirit in space technology exemplify engineering excellence,” said Dr. Nanson Wu, the teams’ advisor and Engineering professor.