Research & Creative Works Forum

Arts and Humanities Forum Includes Work by Hutchins Professor Buzz Kellogg
February 13, 2012

Dean Thaine Stearns and the faculty of Arts & Humanities host the first A&H Research & Creative Works Forum of the spring 2012 semester, this Thursday, Feb. 16. Buzz Kellogg (Hutchins) will present his new piece, "Takeoff" (description below). The presentation is at 12:05pm in Schulz 3001. 

Buzz Kellogg discusses his piece "Takeoff", "One of the most difficult challenges I have faced as a professor, comes with teaching certain ideas that I feel the most passionately about. This paradox of finding the degree of difficulty in conveying the very thoughts that I find most powerful is something I have noted and tried to explain to myself for nearly thirty years. The story which I have written and will perform, is an attempt to find a way to navigate this divide."

"One of the most powerful books I encountered many years ago in graduate school was the famous autobiography in American historical studies, "The Education of Henry Adams." It made such a profound impact on me that I consider the period before reading it and after to constitute a major divide in my own life's narrative. Yet, I have never succeeded in conveying the singular force of Henry Adams' writingto my own students, sadly, to the extent that I have stopped referencing it."