Nursing chair named one of the 30 Best Nurse Influencers

December 20, 2021
Dr. Anna Valdez

By Nate Galvan |

Having a passion for teaching healthcare doesn’t have to be limited to the classroom. Sonoma State’s Nursing Chair, Dr. Anna Valdez, was named one of the 30 Best Nurse Influencers by Berxi, which offers a blog with a variety of informative articles and guides on specific industries. Specifically, Berxi named Dr. Valdez one of the six best nursing accounts on Twitter for sharing her passion for equality in the field and promoting nursing education and innovation. Through her social media presence, Dr. Valdez discusses topics impacting the state of healthcare to her more than 7,000 followers. 

"I have found social media to be a powerful tool for spreading awareness about important topics in the healthcare industry,” said Dr. Valdez. “Through social media, I have developed critical relationships with other nurses and health care professionals, leading to professional growth and opportunities to expand my scholarship.”

Check out Dr. Valdez’s thoughts on her Twitter account at her handle @drannamvaldez. Visit the Department of Nursing to learn more about how SSU is preparing well-qualified professionals in the nursing field. Check out the rest of Berxi’s list.

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