Noma FAQs

October 16, 2017


This #NomaFAQ page will be updated as questions and answers are received.


Campus is currently closed to the public including pedestrians and to all members of the university community except essential employees notified by their supervisors. All vehicular entrances are closed and are being patrolled by the University Police Department.

Is there a website to register yourself "Safe and Well?"

Yes, go to

How can I learn more about the fires?

Visit Cal Fire at for up-to-date information about all fires in California.

Will masks be provided when we return?

We have ordered a large quantity of masks and working on a distribution plan.  An update will be provided.


  • Residence Halls Open 3 PM on Tuesday, October 17.
  • The Student Center and The Kitchens open at 4 PM on Tuesday, October 17.
  • Classes and normal campus hours begin Wednesday, October 18

When will campus return to normal function?

Classes resume Wednesday, October 18.

When do residence halls open for on-campus students?

3 PM on Tuesday, October 17.

I am a student and I am unable to return to class, what do I do?

We are here to help and we would like to hear from you. Jamie Zamjahn, our senior director of Student Academic Services, is heading our team of professionals ready to assist. Please contact Jaime via email at

What if I had a test or an assignment due when classes were canceled?

Students who have been unable to complete assignments or exams because of the impacts of the Sonoma Complex Fire should contact their faculty by email or Moodle or check with instructors in person on the first day classes resume.

What help will the campus provide when I return to classes?

Sonoma State will have a student and employee assistance center, Noma Cares. This will be located in Schulz 3001. 

Is the university providing housing for displaced students or staff?

Displaced students should contact the SSU Information Hotline at (707) 664-4390 and report their housing needs.   

Will we have classes later into the semester because of the classes that were canceled?

At this time we do not anticipate any changes to the SSU Academic Calendar for the 2017-18 school year.  We also anticipate that Winter Intercession and Summer 2018 schedules will remain the same (see the SEIE Academic Calendar for further details).

Is Family Weekend happening on October 20-22, 2017?

Parent and Family Weekend, which was scheduled for Oct 20-22, 2017 has been canceled. Everyone who was registered for this event will receive a refund.

Are we allowed to house displaced pets in our dorms?

Only approved service animals and approved emotional support animals are allowed in our residence halls. No other animals are permitted.

Is the Student Health Center open?

The Health Center will open Tuesday, October 16, noon to 6 p.m. Regular hours will resume on Wednesday, October 17.

Do I have to boil my water on campus before using/drinking/cooking?



  • The campus will re-open partially at 12 p.m. (noon) on Tuesday, October 17, for management employees and others called to work by their supervisors. 
  • Classes and campus business will resume Wednesday, October 18. 

What if I can’t return to work?

Faculty, staff, management and student employees who cannot return need to notify their supervisors and/or deans that they are unable to return and will need to use their appropriate paid time off bank to cover absences at this time (vacation, CTO, personal holiday).  Sick leave may be used if the employee is injured or ill. If no leave credits are available, leaves of absence without pay may be available.  For further questions please contact Renee Senander directly at (707) 664-2979 or the Payroll and Benefits main line at (707) 664-2793.

What do I if I do not have my supervisor’s contact information?

Please contact the SSU Information Hotline at 707-664-4390/4391.

What if I do not have cell or internet access to communicate with my supervisor?

Please visit an evacuation center or shelter where telephones and/or internet are available. Employees are responsible for notifying their supervisors or the campus of their situations and expected return-to-work date. If employees are hospitalized or otherwise unable to contact SSU, please have a friend or family notify the SSU Information Hotline. 

What help will the campus provide when I return to work?

Sonoma State will have a student and employee assistance center, Noma Cares. This will be located in Schulz 3001. 

How will employees be paid for the period of campus closure?

For the majority of employees who were not required to work during the campus closure, regular pay will be continued. Please refer to the email sent out by Human Resources on Monday, October 9 that outlines emergency pay per bargaining unit.  For managers and other exempt employees who were required to work at the EOC (emergency operations center) throughout the period of closure, regular pay will apply.  For non-management, non-exempt employees required to work at EOC during the period of closure, compensatory time off, or overtime, will apply.

How will I be paid on Tuesday, October 17, for the partial re-opening?

Exempt employees who report to work will be paid for the day.  Non-exempt employees working the partial day will be paid a combination of emergency pay and actual hours worked, as appropriate. 

What if I’m a swing or graveyard shift employee?

Employees who are working these shifts are not required to, and should not, return to work unless otherwise directed by their supervisor prior to the campus re-opening on Wednesday.

Will our EAP (Employee Assistance Program) be on site to assist employees upon campus re-opening?

Yes. Our EAP is sponsored through Empathia and it is available 24/7 to employees and their dependents (anyone living within their household as well as children up to age 26 irrespective of their residence). Empathia may be reached at or 800-367-7474 and the password is ‘Sonoma’.  The EAP offers legal and crisis counseling, assistance connecting to resources (locating elder care, child care, pet care, etc.), assistance with financial matters, identify theft, stress management, etc.  There will be representatives on campus Wednesday, October 17 and again throughout the upcoming month.  Times and locations will be published at a later date.

Is Sonoma State offering housing to displaced employees?

At this time, Sonoma State is unable to offer housing to displaced Employees but they are encouraged to visit the resource page for housing assistance for the CSU Community.

What if I have an employment-related question that isn’t answered above?

Please send an email to and HR will respond within 24 hours.

Faculty FAQ

  • The campus will re-open partially at 12 p.m. (noon) on Tuesday, October 17, faculty are welcome to return to campus now.
  • First regular duty day is Wednesday, October 18.

When is the faculty required to return to campus?

Wednesday, October 18, is the first regular duty day after the closure. Classes resume as scheduled on October 18. Starting at 12 p.m. (noon) on Tuesday, October 17, faculty are welcome to return to campus. 

What if a student has lost all their course materials?

Publishers have been very generous. Contact your textbook representative for complimentary copies.  Many local office & art supply companies are offering free supplies to affected residents.

How do I deal with coursework and assignments?

Adjust your syllabus and review new deadlines and assignments with students as soon as possible.

How do I adjust a course that has scheduled off-campus activities at agencies/sites that may have been impacted by fire?

Contact your agency supervisor before returning. Consider alternative assignments such as group activities, on-campus activities, or activities that contribute to the community at this time.  

Will faculty RTP deadlines be extended?

RTP deadlines may be adjusted and remain in compliance with the CFA CBA. These new deadlines will be communicated to all RTP members upon campus reopening Wednesday, October 18.