New Developments Regarding Immigration

March 3, 2017

Dear Sonoma State Community,

This letter from Chancellor Timothy White provides additional direction to the CSU community about how to respond in the event (however unlikely it may be) that you were to be approached on campus by a federal immigration official. The key takeaway from the Chancellor’s letter is to contact SSU Police Services via the 24-7 dispatch number (707) 664-4444 immediately in such situations.

I wanted to reaffirm something the Chancellor and I have noted in prior communications, which is that unless otherwise required by law, Sonoma State (1) will not enter into agreements with other agencies to enforce federal immigration law; (2) SSU Police Services will not honor immigration hold requests; and (3) SSU Police Services will not contact, detain, question or arrest individuals solely on the basis of being or suspected of being a person who lacks documentation.

During these anxious times, I hope we can come together in support of Sonoma State’s new resource center for undocumented students, to be coordinated by Dr. Mariana Garcia Martinez (see announcement below). In addition, our brand new designation as a Hispanic-Serving Institution eligible to receive federal HSI grants is also an opportunity to work together and to realize positive changes on our campus and in our K-12 outreach efforts in the North Bay community.


Judy K. Sakaki