GMC Integration

Green Music Center Hosts Academic Integration Projects
April 1, 2015
SSU alum Nichele Van Portfleet performs as part of You Are Here with CALI & CO dance of San Francisco. Photo by Myray Reames

SSU alum Nichele Van Portfleet performs as part of You Are Here with CALI & CO dance of San Francisco. Photo by Myray Reames

Sonoma State University has selected the recipients of the Green Music Center Academic Integration Project awards for 2015. The overriding goal is to fund proposals that demonstrate tangible connections between the academic program and the GMC. The scope of projects is deliberately broad to allow for creative proposals that go beyond using the GMC as a standard lecture theatre. In total, $105,000 was awarded to ten projects.

Project: Instrumental Music Methods Outreach
Professor: Dr. Andy Collinsworth
Summary: To purchase several musical instruments necessary for training students in the Sonoma State University Music Education program how to play and teach a variety of woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. To establish a link between students in the SSU Music Education program and students and teachers from area elementary school music programs.

Project: You Are Here--USA/Korea International Dance & Live Music Exchange
Professor: Dr. Kristen Daley
Summary: The You Are Here, USA/Korea International Dance & Live Music Project engages collaboration in dance, live music, performing arts students, international students, SSU faculty and international artists through performances in the world-class acoustic environments of the Green Music Center. This international exchange involves partnerships between CALI & CO dance company (San Francisco), Na Hoon Park (Seoul, South Korea), Matt EL (music director), Andrew Wood (San Francisco International Arts Festival - SFIAF), Kristen Daley & Tony Bish (SSU, Department of Theatre Arts & Dance), Roberta Hodges & Marissa Thigpen (SSU, International Student Center/Education) and the GMC's Weill Hall. The project brings the above communities together in exploration of collaborative, artistic and interdisciplinary approaches in creating live performance.

Project: America at War and Peace--An Oral History Performance and Discussion
Professor: Dr. Steve Estes
Summary: A one-night student performance based on oral history interviews with veterans of the U.S. military in the North Bay region. The performance will take place in Schroeder Hall. This project connects to several academic courses at SSU, engaging students as both performers and members of the audience. The audience will also include North Bay veterans and their family members, as well as student family members. The performance will be free and open to the general public.

Project: Math and Music in Schroeder Hall
Professor: Dr. Ben Ford
Summary: One Wednesday each April (Mathematics Awareness Month), the Mathematics and Statistics Department holds its Mathematics Festival. The Festival includes poster and mathematical puzzle displays in the Darwin lobby during the day, a big-name speaker for the day's M*A*T*H Colloquium, and the department's Awards and Alumni dinner, at which we welcome back as many alums as possible and honor our current students with various awards (mostly memberships in professional societies), culminating with the announcement of graduation with distinction.

Project: The Big Ethics and Law Lecture
Professor: Dr. Joshua Glasgow 
Summary: An event for a high-profile speaker to discuss ethics and/or law. This event should reach a wide cross-section of SSU students and the broader community.

Project: Incorporation of Design and Implementation of Musical Instruments and Effects Within Engineering Science Projects
Professor: Haider Khaleel 
Summary: A development of engineering student projects involving the design, implementation and testing of musical instruments and effects using engineering science concepts. After the completion of the project, the students will perform a one-hour music show utilizing the finished products at the Schroeder Hall. The Green Music Center would serve as a great facilitator to apply the proposed project since a realistic hands-on music and sound experience is crucial, in addition to the fact that active learning is more efficient than passive learning. Moreover, using the GMC to showcase the proposed project would serve as a creative means to demonstrate the real world applications of engineering concepts and encourage the interdisciplinary collaboration on campus.

Project: Latino Performing Arts Series
Professors: Dr. Patricia Kim-Rajal and Dr. Amanda Martinez-Morrison
Summary: A Latino performing arts series that brings local and international Latina and Latino artists to the Green Music Center, integrating with courses in Chicano and Latino Studies (CALS). All of the performances in this series will be open to SSU students free of charge. The proposal is intended to bring quality, relevant, and prominent exponents of Latino art to the SSU campus. Bringing these artists and performers to the GMC will prove that Latino art is not only of extraordinary quality but that understanding it is crucial to understanding the American experience.

Project: Neuroscience and Music Symposium
Professor: Dr. Lynne Morrow
Summary: The principal outcomes of this symposium will be an understanding of the deep way music impacts human lives, and that it is never too late to engage in the making of personal music. 

Project: TED-style High-Tech Conference by Students for Students
Professors: Dr. Jack Ou, Dr. Farid Farahmand, Dr. Bala Ravikumar, Dr. Claudia Luke, Merith Weisman
Summary: A cross disciplinary, one-day conference to promote cross-institutional multidisciplinary student-centered research projects, and position SSU as a hub to connect local high-tech industries, community, and students, particularly those interested to pursue high-tech careers. The proposed event will offer two unique opportunities: funding and showcasing student research activities and initiating the first student-run TEDx on the SSU campus. 

Project: Jewish Music Series
Professor: Dr. Brian S. Wilson
Summary: Invigorate the Studies In Music Genres (MUS 343) course with several instances of live music. This General Education Course is a requirement for the Jewish Studies minor. The proposal is for Schroeder Hall.