Beautiful Campus

SSU Named One of the Most Beautiful College Campuses in Country
January 26, 2012
sonoma campus

Sonoma State has been named one of the most beautiful college campuses in the country by Ranking number 34 out of 50, SSU outranked prestigious universities as the University of San Diego and UC Santa Cruz in terms of campus setting.

The campus was nominated for the following attributes: 

"One of the top 'green' campuses in the country, nearly every building on the Sonoma State campus has set the standard for small universities to give their students the best overall experience. The nearly 59,000 square foot student center has been a model for colleges around the country, as it was built with sustainability in mind. The facility was constructed using UV ray reflective roofing, recycled rubber indoor track, recycled glass reinforced structural brick, recycled seat belts to upholster seating, and reclaimed water plumbing non-potable water systems. The campus is not just environmentally friendly with it's buildings, it also has a wonderfully close relationship to local nature, with miles of walking trails and fantastic access to Redwood trees."

The ranking was the result of a poll of college students who graduated from beautiful campuses and reported higher satisfaction with their overall college experience.