Armiñana Earns a Badge

President Armiñana Honored by Boy Scouts with 2011 Distinguished Citizen Award
January 30, 2012

In a special ceremony on Jan. 19, President Ruben Armiñana was honored by the Redwood Empire Council Boy Scouts of America with its 2011 Distinguished Citizen award. 

"I know no other person who epitomizes the ethos of scout law more than him. Ruben and the Boy Scouts are in the same business of preparing our children for adulthood and providing them with the most valuable tools we can along the way. He does it within the university setting; we do it within Scouting," says Herb Williams, Redwood Empire Council President who nominated Dr. Armiñana.

Williams says the Scout Board selected Armiñana because his ideals and character closely match the 12 timeless values of the Boy Scouts:

"Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient ,Cheerful ,Thrifty, Brave, Clean, Reverent" says Williams, "Some might say he is not obedient, but he is to his goals and his charge as president of Sonoma State University. He stays the course regardless of opposition because he is doing what he thinks is right."

"I could not be more honored to receive this award. The Boy Scouts strive for the highest level of integrity and honor and I greatly admire that. I strongly believe in the ideals of citizenship, loyalty and the other points of the Scout Law by which the Scouts live. They are a group that help guide young people toward citizenship and education, two concepts that are a driving force for me," says Armiñana.

As part of the award event, the Scout Flag Ceremony was performed by Boy Scout Troop 32; County Board of Supervisor Shirlee Zane gave the invocation. 

A video shown at the event, chronicling Dr. Armiñana's life from childhood offered a perspective of the president not known by many.