April 4, 2016

Effective today, the Veterans Affairs office at Sonoma State University is relocating to Salazar 1000 and its name is being changed to Veterans Services. The reorganization and relocation is due to the retirement of current Veterans Affairs Director, Peter Neville, who is leaving Sonoma State...

faded flag
November 9, 2015

Some of their stories are harrowing and heroic; others, in comparison, may feel relatively ordinary. But all detail service to their country. After interviewing more than 20 veterans of the United States military, Sonoma State University students are giving a performance of these veterans'...

dan nevins in front of american flag
Venom Space Knight 03. Cover
January 29, 2016

No, he hasn't been bitten by a radioactive spider--but nonetheless, the story of retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant and Sonoma State University alumnus Dan Nevins is part of a new Marvel comic book.

"Venom: Space Knight #3," a spinoff of the Spider-Man series, features Nevins' input to give...

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