Sonoma State hosts Part-Time Job Fair

September 11, 2018

Student learning about new opportunities at tabling event // Photo by Francisco Carbajal

Part-Time Job Fair map
Student learning about new opportunities at tabling event//  Photo by Francisco Carbajal
Part-Time Job Fair map

For the first time ever, Sonoma State University will be hosting a Part-Time Job Fair specifically catered to students looking for part-time work. With over 100 employers slated to be in attendance, there will be plenty of opportunities for students looking to gain extra money or work experience.

There will be employers in fields such as health and fitness, hospitality and retail, education and family services and more. In hopes to strengthen interview skills and build connections, various employers will also feature on-site interviews to help students stand out during the hiring process.

“A part time job can be an easy way to build a relationship with a company,” said Career Center Coordinator Audra Grady. “Having on campus interviews means you could get hired on the spot for a job, or be that much closer to your new part time job, without having to schedule another time or go off campus for the interview.”    

Students interested in attending should bring their resume, student I.D. and come dressed in professional attire. Additionally, “students should bring an open mind and be willing to talk to a wide variety of employers. You never know what job may lead to full-time work or a great internship,” said Becky Young, a career advisor at Sonoma State.   

The job fair will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 12, in the Seawolf and Salazar plaza from 11:30 to 1:30 p.m.. For more information, visit the calendar event made by Seawolf Services. For additional information related to resumes, cover letters and tips on dressing professionally visit the Career Services website. “The great thing about this Part-Time Job Fair, is it’s casual nature. It’s late summer, it's outside and it will be fun,” said Grady. “Everyone is welcome to join us, part time jobs are available for students of any age or stage of their college career.”

-Nate Galvan