NomaCares Center

May 17, 2018


Noma Cares Center

#NomaCares Center in Schulz Library 3001 has closed. While the physical location has closed, the resources provided by the #NomaCares Center continues.

Contact: Undeclared Advising (707) 664-2730 |

Student Resources Available 

Academic Advisor: Available to answer any questions you may have regarding your course schedule and provide referrals to other departments on-campus. 

CAPS Counselor: Available to provide confidential counseling to students experiencing personal problems that interfere with their academic progress, career or well-being.

Seawolf Service Center: Available to answer questions related to student charges, housing, parking, and referrals to other departments on campus.

Employee Resources Available

  • If an employee still has family or friends temporarily residing in their household who needs assistance, please contact Payroll and Benefits directly at (707) 664-2793 to find out how we can best help going forward.  This is an extremely comprehensive program that offers assistance with:
    • Access to (enter password: Sonoma)
    • 24/7 telephone assessment/counseling (1-800-367-7474)
    • Access to Spanish-speaking counselors
    • Legal consultation with an attorney
    • Financial consultation with a certified financial counselor
    • 3 free in-person counseling sessions with a local counselor for help with:  Crisis Situations, pet care providers and needs, health and wellness resources,elder care resources and programs, child care providers and needs, any other personal or family concern work/life resources and referrals, family difficulties, depressions and anxiety, stress.
    • Financial consultation with a certified financial counselor
    • Legal consultation with an attorney
    • Access to Spanish-speaking counselors
    • If you have questions regarding SSU offered Benefits, Payroll and staff leave of absence process, please contact Trisha Ramos directly at (707) 664-2178 or the Payroll and Benefits main line at (707) 664-2793 or visit:

CSU employees who may be displaced or impacted by the fires and have an insurance policy with California Casualty (who has a long-term relationship with the CSU for employee insurance needs), please call the toll-free claims number at 800 800-9410.  They are ready to assist you.

For employees with a Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) 403(B) and wish to make a hardship withdrawal, please visit the CSU Fidelity Portal: or call them at (800) 343-0860.

Hardship Withdrawals: Hardship withdrawal for severe financial hardship (as defined by the IRS), including medical expenses, purchase of a primary residence, tuition-related fees, to prevent eviction or foreclosure, funeral expenses, or repairs to your home due to theft, fire or natural disasters–restrictions apply. Contributions are suspended for 6 months.

For employees with a Savings Plus 401(k) or 457, please visit the CalHR website at: to find out further information regarding emergency withdrawals or loans.  They can also be reached at (855) 616-4776.

For employees who have been displaced due to the fires and have housing needs:

  • Airbnb has established a disaster response to help all Northern California residents who have been impacted by the fires.  Please visit to view available properties being offered for free or extremely discounted rates.
  • Petaluma People Services Center’s SHARE program is currently arranging emergency home share services to help find temporary housing for people that have been displaced by the fire.  You may contact them at 707-765-8488.
  • Best Westerns in Rohnert Park and Petaluma are extending discounted rates for all evacuees, including CSU employees.  Rohnert Park is offering $91/night with the code B02V17 and their manager is Adon Barragn.  Petaluma is offering $89.99/night with no code required.
  • The CSU Chancellor’s Office is continuing to work with local hotel chains and other providers of housing to negotiate discounts for affected members of the SSU campus community.

Additional Resources

Wildfire Relief Fund
The Wildfire Relief Fund is a joint effort through United Way of Wine Country, North Coast Opportunities, Redwood Credit Union, The Press Democrat, and Senator Mike McGuire. Funding will be divided between counties based on need and donor intent. The Wildfire Relief Fund is part of UWWC’s Emergency Relief Fund and seeks to assist those facing hardship by providing direct monetary aid to families and individuals who have suffered loss as a result of the fires. Relief will be disbursed in the form of cash grants after family and individual relief assistance applications are reviewed and approved by a volunteer committee. Families/individuals determined by the volunteer review committee to have the greatest need will be given highest priority in the application review process. Relief grants are intended to meet immediate needs such as:  clothing, shelter, transportation, food, and home cleanup/repair. Grants will be given to applicants based on available relief funds.
For more information, visit:
To apply for the Sonoma County Wildfire Relief Fund, visit:
To apply for the Mendocino and Lake Counties Wildfire Relief Fund, visit:

Creative Sonoma is offering grants up to $1,000 for any SSU students, faculty or staff in any creative fields who were affected by the recent fires. 
The link to the application can be found here: 

Westgate Property Management – 707-769-9590
Mahoney Davison Property Management – 707-762-7710
Century 21 Bundesen Property Management – 762-7777
North Bay Property Management – 707-303-3748
DeDe’s Rentals – 707-523-4500
Pacific Properties – 707-206-6645
Hills & Homes – 707-585-2913
Sonoma County Property Rentals – 707-596-1020
Kelley Rentals – 707-824-2222
Alliance Property Management – 707-524-8380
Timely Property Management – 707-588-9200
Baker & Associates – 707-542-4700
Kelley Rentals – 707-824-2222
Task Property Management – 707-579-2013
W Property Management – 707-545-6187
Rental Property Management – 707-843-3696
Safer Property Management - 707-978-4303
Rohnert Park
Copeland Creek – 707-586-9741
Creekview Place Apartments – 707-664-8986
Fiori Estate Apartments – 844-404-4061
Oak View of Sonoma Hills (Senior) – 888-321-0662
Park Ridge Apartments – 707-400-6865
Americana Apartments – 707-584-3522
Vintage Point Apartments – 707-664-8028
Dalewood Apartments – 707-664-8432
Edgewood Apartments – 707-585-2241
Santa Alicia Apartments – 707-795-1465
Willow Creek Apartments – 707-739-4189
The Reserve at Rohnert Park – 707-584-7860
Emerald Point Apartments – 707-795-9200
McDouall Apartments – 707-795-8479
Camino Creek Apartments – 707-664-8808
Lancaster Arms Apartments – 707-795-1445
Santa Rosa
Sonoma Garden Apartments – 707-575-7586
Quail Run Apartments – 707-568-3455
Meadowview Apartments – 707-542-4067
Malibu Apartments – 707-542-2631
Vineyard Gardens – 844-347-6129
Harvest Park – 707-387-9150
The Meadows – 707-579-9567
Gray’s Meadow – 707-523-0886
Tierra Springs – 707-544-4696
Renaissance – 707-361-6807
Vintage Park Senior – 707-527-6719
Alderbrook Heights – 707-544-4696
Creekside Park – 707-544-1400
Sonoma Garden – 707-528-6334
Sebastopol Garden – 707-824-9184
Redwood Grove – 707-823-0730
Sebastopol Square 
Hillside – 707-829-5385
Burbank Heights – 707-823-1361
Quail Hill – 707-694-7329
Bodega Hills – 707-823-7950
Addison Ranch – 707-766-0567
North McDowell Commons – 707-483-7768
The Artisan – 844-821-9620
Azure – 707-559-9571
Vintage – 707-781-1933
Park Lane – 707-762-6709
Theatre Square – 844-508-5573
Baywood – 707-763-6861
Capri Creek – 707-766-6881
Enclave at Adobe Creek – 707-778-1221
Oak Creek – 707-762-5126
Downtown River – 707-769-9576
Hillview – 707-762-6698
Washington Creek – 707-763-9242
Caliente Apartments – 707-763-4645
Logan Place – 707-766-1790
Old Elm Village – 707-769-310
Windsor Park – 707-838-6806
Esposti – 707-578-8840
Forest Winds – 707-838-3131
The Windsor House – 888-464-3384
Winter Creek Village – 707-838-1337