Holiday Decorating Contest Results

January 26, 2017
holiday door decorator winners school of business and economics


Seawolf Wonderland Reprise


Judge bells ring,

Are you listening

Fun decor,

See it glistening

All entries were bright,

A wonderful sight

Walking in a Seawolf Wonderland


All across campus, judges made it through,

all the halls and offices of SSU

Judges had to make a decision

And what a tough decision it was!


Later on, they conspired

Business and Econ’s was most inspired

All were quite good

In Lobo’s neighborhood

Walking in a Seawolf Wonderland

Walking in a Seawolf Wonderland



Won-der-laaaaannnd! (jazz hands)




First Place: Business & Economics

Second Place: Nursing

Third Place: Academic Senate


Thank you to all participating departments