Diversity Dialogue

Envisioning the Future of Diversity at SSU
April 18, 2012

The "Diversity Dialogue: Envisioning the Future of Diversity at SSU" is April 25 from 2-3:30p.m.in Schulz 3001. The Diversity Dialogue Planning committee has planned the event with the purpose of joining a collective effort to identify the future of diversity at SSU.

President Armiñana has authorized staff to attend this event during working hours as professional development.

Everyone is invited including students, faculty, staff and administrators. 

Event facilitators include Ivonne Mejia and Gail Papworth (Organizational Development Master's Program)  

For more information contact: Elisa Velasquez, Director of Diversity and Inclusive Excellence at velasqel@sonoma.edu (707) 664-2401.

Planning Committee Members are Sharon Cabannis, Elaine Leeder, Giselle Perry, Mark Fabionar, Erma Jean Sims, Margie Purser and Jake Tumas, Elisa Velasquez