Biology Colloquium

Lectures On Oak Death, Penguins and More
September 6, 2016
Adelie Penguin

Sonoma State University's Biology Colloquium features exciting lectures on forest pathogens creating rise of sudden oak death, monitoring of Adelie penguins, prevention of autoimmune Type 1 diabetes and more. The series culminates with a presentation by Dr. Ruth Gates from the University of Hawaii on coral reefs. Lectures take place on Tuesdays, noon to 1 p.m. in Darwin 103. Admission is free, parking on campus is $5-$8.

August 23 

Introductory Meeting

Dr. Michael Cohen, Colloquium Coordinator

August 30

Cellular Smartphones, Secreted Vesicles and Disease

Dr. Johnathon D. Anderson, University of California, Davis Institute for Regenerative Cures

September 6

Engineering Spatiotemporal Patterns in Biological Systems

Dr. Bart Borek, University of California, San Diego Center for Circadian Biology

September 13

The Shape of Trees and Other Stuff

Dr. Lisa P. Bentley, Sonoma State University

September 20

Molecular Machines at the Crossroads of Cancer and Aging

Dr. Jill Fuss, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

September 27

Algae for the Production of High-Value Compounds

Dr. Johan Andersen-Ranberg, University of California, Berkeley

October 4

Regulatory T Cells and the Prevention of Autoimmune Type I Diabetes

Dr. Allyson Spence, University of California, San Francisco

October 11

Targeting Aging Pathways to Extend Lifespan and Healthspan

Dr. Chong He, Buck Institute for Research on Aging

October 18

Long Term Demographic Monitoring of Adelie Penguins in Antarctica's Ross Sea

Dr. Annie Schmidt, Point Blue Conservation Science

October 25

A Brief History of Forest Pathogens and the Rise of Sudden Oak Death

Dr. Melina Kozanitas, University of California, Berkeley

November 1

Coral Algal Symbiosis

Dr. Melissa Roth, University of California, Berkeley

November 8

Invasion of the Worms: Annelid Phylogeny and the Molecular Events Underlying Major Habitat Transitions

Dr. Frank Anderson, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

November 15

Composting Carbon: Climate Change Mitigation Potential of Grassland Soils

Dr. Whendee Silver, University of California, Berkeley

November 22

When Two Plus Two Doesn't Equal Four: Multiple Stressors and Antartic Fishes

Dr. Anne Todgham University of California, Davis

November 29

Visualizing Dynamics of Photosynthesis Using Super-Resolution Live-Cell Imaging

Dr. Masakazu Iwai, University of California, Berkeley Techniques

December 6

Harnessing Basic Science to Advance Solutions for Coral Reefs

Dr. Ruth Gates, University of Hawaii, Manoa

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