Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol Awareness Week Returns to Campus
October 24, 2016

Sonoma State University's Alcohol Awareness Week takes place on campus October 24-28 to highlight the dangers of irresponsible alcohol consumption and to educate students on alternatives and responsible drinking methods.

The "Red Flag" display in the Darwin-Stevenson Quad reminds the campus community of the lives taken annually by drinking and driving. The 1,825 red flags placed on the lawn represent the number of student deaths that occur each year from drunk driving. 

A wrecked car from a real drunk driving accident will be placed in Salazar Plaza on October 25 as a reminder of what could result from driving under the influence. Tabling at the "crash site" will include information about Sonoma State's initiatives to prevent drunk driving, including the "Save a Seawolf" taxi vouchers program.

The "Save A Seawolf Fair" takes place in Seawolf Plaza on October 26. Tabling includes information on alcohol abuse and sexual assault, as well as other topics such as how students can intervene properly about a friend's alcohol abuse, tips on drinking responsibly and how to avoid and detect date rape drugs.

Other activities include games like "Beer Goggle" Mario Kart played on Lobovison, the Wheel of Misfortune, and "Beer Goggle" sports.

October 24

Red Flag Display (through Oct. 28)

October 25

Wrecked Car Display (through Oct. 27)

October 26

Save A Seawolf Fair

"The Wall" display

Counseling and Psychological Services Tabling

Beer Goggles: Mario Kart

Beers Goggles: Basketball

Beer Goggles: Soccer

Health Center tabling

Responsible Alcohol Pouring Demos

Erin Jasper: I Don't Drink and Drive Because..

How to Intervene - Save a Life, Don't Drink and Drive

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